The subject matter of this bill is changes to the protection of native vegetation. The opposition calls for an amendment to refer the bill to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee for scrutiny.

Dionne Wright

The longstanding principal of Merri Creek Primary School resigns on Friday. Jane Garrett and the Merri Creek community are extremely grateful for all her work.

Correction Amendment (smoke free prison) 2014

The subject matter of this bill is making prisons smoke free. The opposition supports this bill. We clearly understand that smoke is damaging both for the smoker and those inhaling second hand smoke.


Ms Garrett(Brunswick) — I would like to add my best  wishes to the Leader of the House on her birthday this week. I am sure  she does not need a diamond bracelet. I would suggest that every week in this house has been sprinkled with..


The subject matter of this bill is crime statistics, and an analysis of the bill provides a very clear illustration of one of this government's most significant and serious failings. The Baillieu government came to office with a purported 'tough on crime' agenda and with law and order as the central plank of its election campaign in many ways.

Earthworker cooperative

Ms  GARRETT  (Brunswick) —  I  rise  to acknowledge the  fine  work  of  the Earthworker  Cooperative,  which is  progressing  strongly  in  its  mission  to establish local jobs  in the manufacturing of  sustainable and renewable  energy technology after a decade of groundwork  and  preparation.  It  is  a..


We have seen two very shameful budgets in 2014. Coalition government members sat in silence while the federal coalition government implemented what is widely considered to be the worst federal budget this country has ever seen, adversely affecting the most vulnerable in our community. Meanwhile this coalition government has produced a budget that fails to invest adequately in public infrastructure and that fails to support Victorian jobs.

Anzac Day

Anzac day was commemorated in Brunswick with a joint event hosted by Brunswick Secondary College and the Medical Association for the Prevention of War titled 'Anzac eve reflection, an event for peace'.


The opposition is concerned with the way in which the Coalition Government conducts its business in the House. Far too often not enough time is given for proper scrutiny and debate. The opposition calls on the government to bring forward the bill on the government business program for debate.

Glencairn Avenue, Coburg, development

The Minister of Planning must meet urgently with the residents of and adjacent to Glencairn Avenue in Coburg regarding a recent application that has been made to him by Healthscope to remove a long-existing covenant on the area.

Greg Davies

Ms GARRETT  (Brunswick) —  It is  with  great pleasure  that I  rise and  pay tribute to Greg Davies, the outstanding secretary of the Police Association, who retires from that very significant  and high profile position at the end of this week.  He  does  so  after..


 Ms Garrett (Brunswick) – Thank you, Acting Speaker. It is good that there are some acting speakers left after today! It  is with great pleasure that I rise to speak on the Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2014. It gives me even more pleasure to..

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

The Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation is asked to fully investigate and publicly respond to the growing concern about the nature of the compliance activities being undertaken by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) and advise whether the VCGLR is providing a robust regulatory and enforcement regime in liquor and gaming.

City of Moreland planning zones

Over 1000 residents have signed a petition expressing their concern over the level and scope of the proposed planning rezoning in the Brunswick community. Moreland council in hearing this feedback adopted a revised model for the application of the growth zones, which will be put to the broader community.

Mental Health Bill 2014

This bill sets out a framework in which the presumption that patients have the capacity to make decisions and provide informed consent is a critical step forward in ensuring that these people, who are in very difficult circumstances, are given the full rights that any citizen would enjoy


The bill covers such things as admission to the legal profession; legal practice, including business structures, licensing and registration of foreign lawyers; trust money and trust accounts; and legal costs, including disclosure requirements. Those of us who have either practised law or had to deal with the legal profession and the important work that lawyers do -- as all of us have to at some point in our lives -- know that these are critical aspects of how the legal profession is regulated and held to account.


The bill seeks to amend the Crimes Act 1958 to create a new criminal offence of grooming for sexual conduct a child under the age of 16 years.