4 May 2011

Brunswick families have missed out on crucial improvements to schools and local health services in Mr Baillieu’s first State Budget, Labor Member for Brunswick, Jane Garrett said today.

“Despite the Baillieu-Ryan Government inheriting a AAA-rated budget, with a strong surplus over each of the next four years, the State Budget has ignored the Brunswick Electorate”, Jane Garrett said.

“By failing to fund the expansion and upgrade of Brunswick Secondary College, this Government is ripping up the approved master plan for this school and betraying the many families in our area.

“The Budget also fails to provide much needed capital funding for Merri Community Health, or a high school for Coburg.

“Our local community has been abandoned by this Government, a Government which is failing in its most basic of obligations to deliver key services on the basis of need regardless of postcode.

The failure of this budget to deliver for the Brunswick Electorate is replicated throughout the northern suburbs of Melbourne, one of the fastest growing areas in the state.

“It’s important the Liberal-National Government make sure all Victorians, no matter where they live, have access to good schools, health services and transport”, Jane Garrett said.

“One of the most disappointing aspects of the budget, is there is no plan to create jobs or provide the infrastructure that Victoria needs.

“The budget also fails to provide adequate initiatives to combat climate change and improve local public transport services.

“Prior to the election, Mr Baillieu supported the previous government’s target of cutting emissions by 20% by 2020. This budget contains no vision or major initiatives to achieve this important goal.

“Mr Baillieu went to the election promising improvements to the lives of Victorians and this budget fails that test.

“The budget also delivers $2.2 billion in ‘Departmental Savings’, but provides no detail on how these cuts will impact on frontline services and effect the daily lives of all Victorians.

“Mr Baillieu needs to fess up on these cuts, how they affect the people that rely on these services and also the people that deliver these services.

“This is on top of Mr Baillieu’s broken promise of higher wages for police, teachers and nurses by capping wages policy at 2.5%.

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