Saying No to Napthine’s $8billion tunnel

No Mandate, No Solution, No $8 Billion Tunnel

I stand passionately for the preservation of our neighbourhood and its character.  That is just one of the reasons why the Victorian Labor Opposition opposes Denis Napthine’s $8 billion tunnel.

Local residents deserve proper process and community consultation. Instead, Denis Napthine and the Liberals are trampling over the rights of residents and refusing to release even the most basic details to our community.

As your local Member, I won’t stand for it.

Not even the simplest questions about this project can be answered.

There is no business case, no traffic numbers, no sense of how the finances of this project work, and no benefit for the vast majority of Victorians. It’s only going to worsen congestion on Hoddle Street, carve up huge parts of Royal Park and destroy the homes of countless residents.

Wasting $8 billion on this tunnel will mean every other public transport and road project is put on the back burner for years.

Denis Napthine has no plan, no proper process and no mandate.

We are not opposing this project simply for the sake of opposition. We oppose it because it is the wrong project for the future of our state. When our TAFEs are closing and our health system is in crisis, this tunnel is not the right priority for Victoria.

Labor will release our transport alternative before the end of the year – a detailed, costed and comprehensive proposal to improve the whole state.

If you would to join our campaign against Denis Napthine’s $8 billion tunnel, please contact my office or if you would like more information, please visit