Brunswick South Primary School – Celebration of 125 years

29 Apr 2011

Thank you Principal Hall, and thank you to Brunswick south primary school for inviting me to attend this special event.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate Ms Sheryl Hall on her recent appoint to Principal of Brunswick South Primary School.

I’d also like to congratulate the school community on its celebration of 125 years.

This indeed makes today’s event a special one.

We find ourselves here at this beautiful school with its very tight-knit school community – which has been achieved though the hard work and contributions of the students, parents and local community – all of which is vital in creating a welcoming and accommodating school environment and atmosphere, like this one.

Brunswick South Primary was opened as the Brunswick South State School on may the 1st 1886 as a two storey building. In 1914, an additional building was added to the school, and this became to be known as “Little School” as it housed the younger students. The school kept growing, and had students from different backgrounds.

And from the late 1940’s, the school’s diversity increased, with many students from different backgrounds enrolling here at the school.

The school is now home to 222 students, and has bloomed into what we see around us, not just a school, but a great community, built of Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents and members of the local community and is regarded by the Department of Education as “The best example of a school with community support in the area, a close to a community based school as can be”.

We now, here in 2011, 125 years from the schools opening, and we find ourselves standing on the grounds of a school which continues to thrive, both academically and culturally.

Thank you.

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