Click-to-Connect Exhibition Launch

6 Apr 2011

Thank you for this great opportunity to officially open and launch the click to connect exhibition here in Brunswick.

The click to connect program works with newly arrived migrant and refugee youth who attend the Brunswick English Language Centre.

The aims of this brilliant and innovative program is to engage young people to express themselves on the issues of the settlement journey, mental wellbeing and community connections in a non-verbal and creative way.

Not only does this provide young refugee and migrant students an opportunity to explore what is important to them, but also, through the medium of photography, it allows them to strengthen their connections with broader society.

Such programs that are run by agencies and organisations like Spectrum, are vital for facilitating a swift transition for refugees and newly arrived migrants into Australian Society.

And as can be seen from the wonderful pictures taken by the highly talented children here at the Brunswick English Language Centre, the click to connect program is fun and easy medium to achieve this goal.

Again I would like thank you for this opportunity to launch this great program.

Thank you.

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