1 May 2012

The Baillieu Government has shown its true colours in the state budget handed down today with razor gang measures and a failure to deliver on urgent capital funding for Brunswick Secondary College and Merri Community Health, or any funding to support a High School for Coburg.

Member for Brunswick Jane Garrett said the community can be rightly concerned that these important projects have been again ignored by this government.

“The urgently required expansion and modernisation of Brunswick Secondary College, which was given Education Department master planning approval two years ago, has again failed to be funded by this government.

“With increased student enrolments and the school poised to deliver a greater subject choice, the failure of this budget to support these demands is a significant disappointment for the families of current and future students of Brunswick Secondary College. This budget also fails to support the establishment of a High School for Coburg.

“To add insult to injury to families in our area, this budget abolishes the much needed school start bonus, slashes the education maintenance allowance and decimates important school support programs such as speech therapists and social workers.

“Merri Community Health has again missed out on capital assistance to consolidate their facilities, which will limit their capacity to provide increased services for the community.

Ms Garrett said this budget will see an additional 600 jobs cut from the public sector.

“Ted Baillieu promised before the election he not would cut a single job and now a total of 4,200 Victorian Public Servants will have been axed by this government.

“It is absurd that while Victoria is in a jobs crisis, this government’s solution is jobs cuts.

“These cuts will directly impact the people that deliver these important services and those in the community that rely on them.

Ms Garrett said it was also very disappointing that the budget failed to deliver on increased capacity for tram and bus services, on the busiest routes and at the busiest times, and did not provide any funding for bike infrastructure.

“Once again, this is a government that is funding services on the basis of electorate postcode and not on the basis of need and demand.

“It is insulting to our community to again see this government fail to deliver on the projects and fund the services that continue to be urgently needed in our rapidly growing area.

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