28 June 2011

The Brunswick community has been invited to hold the Baillieu Government to account, with the Labor Opposition announcing it will open a “Scrutiny of Government” post office box.

Member for Brunswick, Jane Garrett said the Baillieu Government’s secretive style had left the Opposition no choice but to open up the post office box to allow concerned community members an avenue to speak up on Baillieu’s silence and inaction.

“In Opposition, Mr Baillieu promised his Government would be open, transparent and accountable but the reality has been very different,” Ms Garrett said.

“All we have seen is a Government shutting down questioning, dodging issues and stifling attempts to gain information for Victorians.”

Ms Garrett encouraged residents to send through information of mismanagement, of broken promises, of deceit, bad faith or bad administration by the Baillieu Government.

“Mr Baillieu owes it to the electorate to deliver on his election promises, but his lack of action and dithering has left the community frustrated,” Ms Garrett said.

“The community has a right to know what the Government is doing and whether they are keeping their word, but unfortunately Mr Baillieu is trying to make sure they never find out.

“Residents can send us information, directly and confidentially, to help us properly scrutinise this Government.

“We will use that information to hold the Government to account and we will always protect our sources.

“Obviously if anyone who believes there have been actions that could be illegal or corrupt should contact Victoria Police or the Victorian Ombudsman.”

Victorians can send information to PO Box 225, Yarraville, 3013.

For further information contact 9384 1241.

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