Traders back safety push

Suzanne Robson


THE Sydney Road Brunswick Association has welcomed a Federal Opposition commitment to fund CCTV in crime hotspots in the wake of Jill Meagher’s death.

President Rohini Ratnakar said traders were in favour of any measures that would improve safety on the street. Ms Ratnakar said she and her colleagues would feel safer walking down dark back streets if they knew someone was watching.

‘‘ I would hope that it works as a deterrent,’’ Ms Ratnakar said.

The Federal Opposition last week promised $50 million in grants for better lighting and CCTV in crime hotspots across the country if elected.

Premier Ted Baillieu has pledged up to $3 million in grants for councils to improve security.

Ms Ratnakar said the association would meet stakeholders to plan ‘‘meaningful and far-reaching changes to ensure patrons, staff and the community look to the future with a sense of security and renewed purpose’’.

She said the association had not discussed a commemoration of Jill Meagher because they wanted to give her family space and time to grieve.

A Reclaim the Night march against violence and harassment towards women will be held on Sydney Rd on Saturday, October 20, from 7pm.

Marchers will meet at the corner of Brunswick and Sydney roads.

Wills federal Labor MP Kelvin Thomson said he has had preliminary dis-cussions with Brunswick state Labor MP Jane Garrett, Moreland mayor John Kavanagh, Brunswick police and the White Ribbon Foundation about a joint forum on community safety in Brunswick.

Moreland Leader, 15th October 2012