Devastated residents demand service’s return

FORMER Hope St bus patrons say the decision to scrap the service has impacted on their quality of life.

The Brunswick West residents said Freedom of Information data, collected by Brunswick state Labor MP Jane Garrett, confirmed that more passengers were using route 509 than stated by the State Government.

Brunswick resident Royden Ashdown said since the bus was scrapped in September, he had become isolated from the once tight-knit community and was unable to get his usual load of groceries home.

‘‘I tend to buy less fruit and vegetables because they are too heavy and instead buy what I can carry,’’ he said. He said the government viewed residents as statistics, not individuals.

Brunswick resident Sylvia Gascoigne, 83, said the extra walking had taken its toll on her body.

‘‘It brought on this terrible pain and I had to have an operation,’’ Ms Gascoigne said.

‘‘I can’t visit my daughter anymore and I miss the companionship of all of the people who used the bus.’’

Shane McDermott, who has led the campaign to bring back the bus, said the government was wrong about patronage and needed to reinstate the line.

Moreland Leader, 4th March 2013