Moreland Council commits $270,000 for neglected Brunswick sports grounds

THREE neglected sporting ovals will get a spruce up after Moreland Council pledged $270,000 to the project in its 2015-16 budget.



Balfe Park (Brunswick East), Gillon Oval ­(Brunswick) and Dunstan Reserve (Brunswick West) were each allocated $90,000 for much-needed upgrades and facility refurbishments.

Councillor Lambros Tapinos said the sporting grounds were in dire need of upgrades.

“You just have to go and visit some of these sporting clubs and their facilities and really be ashamed at some of the neglect over many years that some of them have faced,” he said.

“Some of these change rooms are not fit for anyone, let alone for encouraging participation from women’s teams and junior teams.”

The upgrade of the three grounds were election promises from Jane Garrett and the Andrews Government. The State Government is pitching in $100,000 for Balfe Park and Gillon Oval and $200,000 for Dunstan reserve.

Work on Gillon Oval will ­include the provision of ­female toilets and the development of a master plan for the pavilions, Balfe Park’s change rooms will be upgraded and the playing field at Dunstan Reserve will be ­extended.