New Residential Zones in Moreland

Moreland City Council recently undertook community consultations into the introduction of New Residential Zones. Thousands of residents have already voiced their concerns about these proposals.

Our community has already absorbed a significant increase in density and growth. The proposed new zones are staggering in scope and breadth, and will impact every corner of our community. If implemented they will irreversibly alter our neighbourhood character and the way we live.

This is not on.

If you have not already seen the proposals visit

Council is now considering a way forward for these rezonings following on from their initial consultation, which will then be submitted to the State Government for approval.

Moreland City Council and the Napthine Government need to be told very strongly that these proposals are completely inappropriate for our neighbourhood and local streets.

To add your voice to ensure these proposals are wound back, please sign the petition that was sent to you in the mail or contact me: