State Budget fails Brunswick

Denis Napthine has ignored our community with his first budget failing to deliver much needed improvements to our local schools and health services.

The Member for Brunswick, Jane Garrett said Brunswick Secondary College once again had missed out on funding from this Government for its expansion and modernisation, despite being approved to master planning stage in the Department of Education three years ago.

“These works are urgently needed to expand enrolments and subject offerings, particularly at VCE levels,” she said.

“The budget also failed to deliver funding to improve much needed tram and bus services, an issue that I know is of grave concern to the Brunswick electorate,” she said.

No funding was forthcoming to restore the solely missed Hope St bus and no specific bike infrastructure projects for Brunswick were announced.

“This is a smoke and mirrors budget – the Government is pretending to move forward on the East West tunnel, but has allocated a fraction of what the project would cost if they were serious about building it. This just prolongs uncertainty in our community and contributes to the growing view that this Government can’t be trusted. The meagre allocation for the metro Rail project adds insult to injury,” Jane said.

Jane said that this is another budget that delivered according to address, not according to need. “Although we have a new Premier, we have the same old contempt for the northern suburbs and its growing communities.”

Brunswick College fails to receive budget funds

$625 million
has now been cut from education
$20 million Apprentice Completion Bonus
The School Focused Youth Service that preventes truancy, homelessness, mental illness, susbtance abuse and suicide
to restore $1.2 billion in TAFE funding

Transport ignored, issues to remain

$1.5 billion less for new public transport projects
There will be now new money for trams, guaranteeing delays and overcrowding will continue.
$16.1 million from the Department of Transport
Metro rail tunnel project
56.5% cut to network improvements and maintenance.

Budget cuts see crime rise

More violence, more assaults and more drug offences – this is what Napthine’s $100 million gutting of the police budget has done, Jane garret said today.

“In Moreland, there are four burglaries every single day. Three people can expect to be assaulted and at least two motor vehicles stolen”

Under Labor, Victorians enjoyed 10 years of falling crime rates.