Australian Pensioners Voice

Ms GARRETT (Brunswick) — Last month I was delighted to once again meet with Vic Guarino and Gino Iannazzo, who are very fine and dedicated representatives — the president and secretary respectively — of Australian Pensioners Voice. I have met with them on many occasions during my four years in this place, and they have always been extremely committed and dedicated to ensuring that the views and struggles of pensioners are heard at every level of government.

During this most recent meeting they highlighted some of the real struggles that pensioners are facing under both the Abbott and Napthine conservative governments. They also highlighted that for those who live in the inner city, as well as in other parts of Melbourne, paying council rates has been very difficult on fixed incomes because houses have increased in value exponentially over the last decade but incomes have not. 

They put to me very strongly the case that we need to look at relief in those areas, which is why Labor is taking to the election a policy of capping council rates. I pay tribute to both these men and their organisation for their strong voice and for imploring all politicians to ensure that the concerns of pensioners are listened to and heard during all decision-making.

Hansard, 16 October 2014