Brunswick North West Primary School: principal

 I am delighted to acknowledge in this place the outstanding achievement of the principal of Brunswick North West Primary School, Trevor Bowen, in winning a National Excellence in Teaching award. I was pleased to help present the award to Trevor last week at the school assembly in front of students, teachers and parents. This is a very special award: over 1400 teaching professionals were nominated across Australia, with only 60 awards given nationally and only 10 in Victoria. Even more special was the fact that Trevor was nominated by the parent group, which shows what high regard he is held in by the school community.

The award recognises a range of Trevor’s achievements, including his role in rebuilding the confidence and pride of the school, the improvement in the academic performance of the student body and his focus on strengthening community and encouraging sustainability. In typical Trevor fashion, upon receiving the award he said that the award may have his name on it but it belongs to all the school staff who have worked so hard to contribute to the school’s growth and achievements. Trevor was also presented with a basket of custom-made biscuits prepared by the school’s gorgeous on-site cafe. The biscuits, which are a variation on the Anzac recipe, are known affectionately as Trevors, which is almost as big a recognition by the school community as his excellence in teaching award. Well done to Trevor and all the team at Brunswick North West Primary School.

Hansard, 2011