Brunswick Secondary College

Ms GARRETT (Minister for Emergency Services) — I rise today to acknowledge and celebrate the transformative contribution of $10 million this government is investing in Brunswick Secondary College. I am proud to be part of a government that stands for education and delivering for all Victorians and gets things done. This overdue investment was promised by the Brumby government but cruelly denied by the Baillieu and Napthine governments, like so much in that era. It was then reinstated, as promised, in the Andrews government’s first budget. These funds are being invested in upgrading the gymnasium, food technology, science and art rooms, and will improve the access of children in Brunswick to high-quality public education.

Brunswick Secondary College is a fast-growing inner city school providing excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities for its diverse student body, and it desperately needs these improved facilities and infrastructure to accommodate its expanding population. The $10 million is an important part of this government’s commitment to upgrade, rebuild and improve public schools across the state and realise its vision to ensure that Victoria becomes the education state and kids across our state get a first-rate start in life. One of those young Victorians, I am proud to say, is doing work experience in my electorate office this week. His name is Patrick Butler. He is a fine example from our public school system.

I am really proud to have delivered such an important commitment to the people of Brunswick in our first year, and I congratulate my constituents, the Minister for Education and the Premier for making it possible.