Brunswick Secondary College: funding

I rise on behalf of my community to again call on the government to fund the urgently needed expansion and modernisation of Brunswick Secondary College. In recent years this school has gone from strength to strength, growing in enrolment numbers and achieving some outstanding results. As we know, Brunswick has been the centre of much urban renewal and population expansion. The parent group and the teaching group, under the leadership of the principal, have made extraordinary commitments and improvements to Brunswick Secondary College.

My community is deeply concerned by this government’s failure to fund this project, which had achieved master planning approval from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Instead, as we saw last year, the pattern of this government has been to fund schools on the basis of postcodes rather than the basis of need, and what we have seen in the media recently is that the government has not even met those commitments it made last year. I again call on the government to fund schools on the basis of need. Access to quality education is a fundamental value of our society. The opportunity that it gives to every individual to make the most of the life and the opportunities they have been given is critical. In my community that means a proper funding of this most important school, and I call on the government to follow through.

Hansard, 2012