Brunswick Secondary College

Last week I was pleased once again to be one of the judges at the Brunswick Secondary College public speaking competition known as Chatterbox. There was a terrific display of talent and an impressive breadth of subject matter tackled by students from years 7 to 12. The range of topics included an analysis of young love, the lack of ethnically diverse actors on television, the history of one of the speaker’s names traced back to his grandparents in war-torn Russia and a heartfelt and deep analysis of the desperate situation in Syria.

This event came on the back of my attendance at the school last month as principal for a day, which was a most rewarding experience.

During that day I attended both the junior and senior assemblies and witnessed the amazing leadership skills from a large number of students who presented to their fellow student body. I was interviewed by a passionate group of year 11 media students who are creating a documentary about the threats to the heritage of Brunswick and the Moreland area with regard to the bluestone laneways.

Again I would like to congratulate the principal of Brunswick Secondary College, Viv Tellefson, and her dedicated and talented team for taking this wonderful school from strength to strength. In particular it is very heartening to see the young leaders of our community emerging and being given so much support through extracurricular activities.