Brunswick South-West Primary School: refurbishment

It was a pleasure to attend Brunswick South-West Primary School last week for the official opening of its refurbished buildings, made possible by the Building the Education Revolution funding, with my colleague and friend the federal member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson.

It was a lovely morning. I met with many impressive students, dedicated teachers and parents in the school community. The new facilities are outstanding. They include classrooms and sportsgrounds. It was particularly wonderful to see the school’s community garden, which has been the pride and joy of the school community and is the result of much hard work from parents and teachers. The classroom refurbishment has resulted in flexible spaces for drama classes and large groups.

The works have also resulted in the installation of a brand-new kitchen, which assists with the food-from-the-garden-to-the-plate strategy that the school has wholeheartedly embraced.

The wonderful new bike shed provides an opportunity for children to ride to school, and this has been encouraged by the principal and the school community. What we now see at Brunswick South-West Primary School, as at so many schools in my area, is an active, caring parent body, a garden and an increasing number of students being active in walking or cycling to school. I look forward to having many of those impressive students attend a tour of the Victorian Parliament soon.

I would like to thank the school community for the invitation to visit on the day, particularly the principal, Louise Chocholis, and the school council president, Andrew Western, and for their ongoing work and leadership.

Hansard, 2011