City of Moreland planning zones

Ms GARRETT  (Brunswick) — I rise to acknowledge the  groundswell of community action that has taken place in  Brunswick regarding the proposed  application of new residential zones in my electorate. Late last year Moreland City Council put out for consultation  a proposed application of these zones, which were strongly rejected by  the Brunswick community,  particularly  in Brunswick West,  where a vast proportion of the area was slated as a residential growth zone. Hundreds of people attended public meetings as  part of the consultation process, as well as sending letters and attending protests.

Yesterday I tabled a petition in  this  house,  which  over  1000  residents had signed,  expressing their concern  about  the level,  scope  and  extent of  the proposed rezoning in the community.

I am pleased to advise that last night Moreland council listened to the concerns of the community and  adopted a  revised model for the application of the growth zones.  This will now be put out to the broader  community for feedback and will then be  forwarded  to the state  government for approval  after  an independent panel process.

The  concerns  that  are  being  raised  by  my  community with  regard  to  the application of these  zones  are significant and  real. Our local  neighbourhood character  needs  to  be  respected  and reflected in any amendment, as does the impact of the level of density  on already stretched services and on liveability. With a revised application of the new residential zones being presented to state government, I ask — —

  The SPEAKER — Order! The member’s time has expired!

Hansard, 13 March 2014