Coburg West Primary School

Ms GARRETT (Brunswick) — On  12 August I was delighted to be principal for  a day  at  the  beautiful  Coburg  West Primary School under the tutelage  of  the dedicated and inspiring acting principal, Lorraine  Edwards. I enjoyed attending classrooms,  touring the  outstanding  facilities and  meeting  extensively with students,  particularly  those  from  years 5 and 6. We discussed all manner  of topics and I was very  impressed  with  their intelligence, passion and sense of social  responsibility.  I  was  particularly  pleased  that  so  many  students expressed  a strong  interest in  science and sought to pursue a career  in this field. I also met with the very dedicated and  passionate  school council, which has done so much to improve the school facilities and enhance the culture.

I was delighted to attend the Coburg West Primary School again on Monday of this week  to celebrate its writers festival, where the  school honours the stand-out performers in the school-wide writing competition. All  the works were displayed beautifully in  one  of the school  halls.  Proud teachers,  parents  and,  most importantly, students from prep to year 6 were beaming at  the high  standard of work, the great improvements that all students have made in this important skill and  the  recognition  they  had  received  from  the  school  by  way  of  this competition. I congratulate all who were involved.

Hansard, 18 September 2014