Dionne Wright

Ms  GARRETT  (Brunswick) —  I  rise  today   to  acknowledge  the  wonderful contribution made by Ms Dionne Wright to Merri  Creek  Primary  School  over  13 years  as principal. Dionne has devoted her many and considerable talents and 37 years of her working  life to  public school  education. We  are all enriched by this most commendable commitment. Her role  as  principal  ends on Friday, and I would like to express both the Merri Creek Primary  School  community’s  and  my deep gratitude for her work.

Looking at Merri Creek  primary today you would find  it hard to believe that it was slated for closure  by the  Kennett government  as late  as 1996. Dionne has played an immense role in  transforming Merri Creek primary  into the successful school it is today.

She  is  regarded  as one of the most outstanding  principals  in  the  northern metropolitan region  and  she has  put  considerable effort  into  mentoring her colleagues both at  Merri Creek and across  the government schools  sector.  She will be deeply missed  by students, colleagues, parents and the local community. I am delighted that my work experience student for this week, Eleanor Smith, who is  in the house today, went to Merri Creek primary  and benefited  greatly from Dionne’s leadership.

At the end of  term this Friday we will see an appropriate celebration to honour Dionne and thank her for  her tireless work. I am delighted that I  will be part of the  celebrations. I join everyone in wishing Dionne Wright a long, happy and well-earned retirement and wish her success in any new venture she might put  her mind to.

Hansard, 26 June 2014