Electric vehicles: CERES charging station

I was pleased last Thursday, 22 March, to attend the launch of Australia’s very first level-2 solar-powered charging station for electric cars, which is located at CERES in Brunswick. This collaborative initiative between Delta Energy Systems, Q-Cells Australia and CERES will enable public access to a solar charging station, with the energy for the electric vehicles (EVs) being generated from the sun, making it a clean and renewable source. All major EVs on the market are able to utilise this charging point.

Acknowledgement and congratulations are to be given to Delta Energy Systems, which donated the solar inverter, and Q-Cells Australia, which donated 12 Q.PRO 235 modules for the project. The involvement of CERES in this initiative once again shows it as being at the forefront of environmental sustainability, education and action.

The charging point will add to the suite of offerings that CERES provides in assisting the community to move towards sustainable living. The charging point is now ready for use by the public, and drivers are notified by SMS or email when their vehicles are fully charged or if there is a problem.

Congratulations to all involved — Delta Systems Energy, Q-Cells and the continually hardworking team at CERES led by Cinnamon Evans in bringing sustainability practices to reality and educating for a better society for the future.

It is just such a deep shame that in the week when this initiative was launched, the government has once again taken a huge backward step in environmental protection in this state by slashing the target it agreed to prior to the election and butchering the many programs and initiatives designed to protect Victoria.

Hansard, 2012