Electricity: Brunswick terminal station

 I rise to highlight a very important community meeting that will be held at Merri Creek Primary School at 7.30 p.m. on 19 September regarding the proposed massive expansion of the Brunswick terminal station. I would like in particular to remind the Minister for Energy and Resources and the Minister for Health that this meeting is taking place and to urge them, or members of their staff, to attend the meeting and start listening to the concerns of the community. As I have raised on many occasions in this house and in correspondence, there is a deep and increasing anxiety in the community about the proposal for a fourfold increase in the size of the terminal station.

The terminal station is situated on land zoned residential. It is in an entirely residential area and is surrounded by houses, a soccer ground and the creek.

Research shows that there is no precedent for a terminal station of this size in a residential area anywhere in the world. Further, I am advised by members of the residents action group that the company responsible states that the proposed facility must be surrounded by a large electrified fence due to its capacity to be a potential target for sabotage, yet the site is smack bang in the middle of an area which is comprised entirely of homes and which is very popular with young families.

The community has repeatedly raised concerns about the potential health and safety implications of the increased electric and magnetic field radiation in a residential dwelling setting. It is absolutely apparent that the current location is not an appropriate site for such a large facility, yet non-residential sites are still not being explored. I call on the government to stop stonewalling the community and to start engaging on the issue.

 Hansard, 2011