Firefighter compensation

I rise to condemn the Napthine government and the Minister for Police and Emergency Services for their continued failure to progress the very important issue of presumptive legislation for the hardworking men and women — career and volunteer — of the fire services, who put their lives on the line every day to keep our community safe.

Once again in the other place the Liberal-Nationals coalition chose to talk the motion out rather than put it to a vote. When Shaun Leane, a Labor member for Eastern Metropolitan Region in the other place, sought to extend the time available for the debate to take place and for the motion to be put to a vote, the government refused to consider the matter.

Once again the government is citing that the medical evidence is not conclusive and that more research needs to be done. It is referring to studies by Monash University. Those studies are being conducted by people who themselves say their studies should not be used to delay the introduction of this important legislation. This government stands condemned for its failure to stand up for both city and country firefighters, and we call on it to stop this wrangling and procedural nonsense and look after those who look after us.