Greg Davies

Ms GARRETT  (Brunswick) —  It is  with  great pleasure  that I  rise and  pay tribute to Greg Davies, the outstanding secretary of the Police Association, who retires from that very significant  and high profile position at the end of this week.  He  does  so  after six  years at  the helm,  having delivered  two  very successful enterprise bargaining agreements and  leaving  the  association  in a very strong  position  for the future.  Greg  has policing running  through  his blood; his son now represents the fourth consecutive generation of the Davies to serve Victoria in the force. I have known Greg  for in excess of a decade. While he and I do not always see eye to eye, I have never, ever been in any doubt that his primary commitment, passion and priority have always been the members of the Police  Association  and  to the  safety  and  security  of  the  community that association members serve.

Greg joined Victoria Police  in February  1977 and  was stationed  in a range of places, including  Ballarat and Buninyong. He  joined the Police  Association in August 2002, became its manager,  legal, in 2003, and was appointed secretary in 2008. He had some very difficult  times  during his occupation of that position, and  as a result of his  outstanding service to the community he was a recipient of the National Medal, the Victoria Police Service Medal and,  on  Australia Day this year, the Australian  Police Medal. It is  rare  for people at the  top  of their game to decide to leave on their own terms. Greg has done that and done so again while putting the interests of the Police Association first. He leaves the association in the very strong hands of  Ron Iddles,  one of  the most respected detectives Victoria has seen.

Hansard, 2 April 2014