International Women’s Day

 As members are aware, Thursday, 8 March, was International Women’s Day. I was delighted to attend some very special events and join with hundreds of other women in marking this significant day on our calendar. Most importantly, I began the day, as I have for the last couple of years, by attending the Sally Isaac International Women’s Day Breakfast and fundraiser at the Fitzroy Town Hall. I first met the gorgeous and extremely talented Sally Isaac when I was sharing a group house with a couple of her best friends in Dorrit Street, Carlton, in the 1990s. Sally took over my room when I moved out. She was vivacious and bright and clearly a very loyal and loving friend to those close to her.

Our paths crossed again some years later when I was told by mutual friends that, at a very young age, Sally had been promoted to the senior position of director of community programs at Yarra City Council. Not long after this I stood for Yarra council and was elected in November 2009. Tragically Sally and I never worked together at the council. She died in 2009 after a 12-month battle with cancer. She was 36.

The Sally Isaac Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by her family, friends and colleagues in the wake of her untimely passing and aims to award an annual scholarship to further the education of a young woman who is making a significant contribution to the Victorian community in the field of local government or social justice. The first award of $10 000 will be made this year. The annual breakfast event held in Sally’s name is a special occasion. Not only does it honour and celebrate her life but it also helps to ensure that her legacy will continue.

Hansard, 2012