Jill Meagher

Ms GARRETT (Brunswick) — On behalf of the community of Brunswick I rise in this place to again express our profound sorrow at the brutal death of one of our own, the beautiful Jill Meagher, and to extend our deepest sympathy to her husband, family and friends. Our thoughts are with them always and particularly during this week of unimaginable grief. The tragic events of September last year left a huge impact on the entire Brunswick community, which was reflected profoundly in the outpouring of public grief, mass marches, multifaith services and so many beautifully written words.

There is no-one in our community who does not think of Jill often, who does not mourn her loss and who was not shaken to the core that her terrible death occurred in parts of Brunswick so close to the home she loved and shared with her husband.

The horror her family has endured this past year has been compounded by what we now know was such a massive failure of the justice system. Our prayers are with them as they grapple with this added burden. On behalf of the many people in Brunswick who love Jill, I say that we wish strength to her family. We will always miss her, and I promise that we will honour her memory forever.