Local speed limits

Jane Garrett – Speed limits are determined to provide an appropriate balance between safety and mobility, with consideration given to factors such as the number of access points and the nature of the road environment and abutting development.

Some locations experience high levels of pedestrian activity at regular and specific times of the day. Consequently, VicRoads’ Speed Zoning Guidelines include a number of different low speed zones that can be implemented at locations where significant pedestrian activity occurs. These low speed areas include school speed zones, remote school crossings, 40km/h pedestrian activity precincts; 40km/h local area speed zones, and 50km/h town centre speed zones. I note that within the vicinity of the Brunswick East Primary School, a 40km/h school speed limit applies.

VicRoads will review the speed limit of Nicholson Street and Albion Street near the Brunswick East Primary School and the bend near Jones Park. VicRoads will work in conjunction with the Moreland City Council, Victoria Police and the local community to investigate concerns regarding road safety at the intersection of Nicholson Street and Albion Street. VicRoads expects to complete its investigation by the end of 2015.