Planning: Brunswick terminal station

The house is well aware of the ongoing and significant issue in my electorate of the proposed development of the Brunswick terminal station. I have called on the government on many occasions to respond to the deep community concerns about the development and, in particular, the fundamental question of the health and safety impacts of such a large terminal station in an entirely residential area. The fact that the residents’ anxiety is growing rather than abating demonstrates just how much this government is failing my local community.

As a result the community felt compelled to rally in protest, with hundreds of people participating in an event at the site on Sunday, 29 July, when once again they expressed their ongoing concerns about the lack of an appropriate standard for this type of facility in a residential area; the fact that the council rejected the application twice, based on health and safety considerations; the lack of confidence in how decisions have been made, including the fact that recent responses to FOI requests reveal that the minister did not appear to have any advice about the health and safety impacts when he approved the development; and the ongoing stymying of FOI requests regarding the rezoning of the site by the government in the middle of the night with no consultation, thereby taking away the appeal rights of residents.

The rally highlighted the fact that 3500 residents have now signed the petition against the development and they have once again called for an independent review panel to be established as a matter of urgency. This saga needs to end.

The government’s track record of secrecy has completely destroyed confidence, and the Premier must act and constitute a panel as soon as possible.

Hansard, 2012