Planning: Brunswick terminal station

I rise to again express my disappointment at the lack of action by the Napthine government and its continued disregard for the genuine concerns of the community in Brunswick East and Fitzroy North regarding the Brunswick terminal station (BTS). Today residents will once again visit Parliament to convey their significant anxiety about the massive upgrade of the BTS. They are delivering to Parliament, for the attention of the Premier, hundreds of postcards from concerned residents, building on the thousands who have signed petitions against this development.

The questions about health and safety of nearby residents with the upgrade remain unanswered. Initially we had ministers refusing to take responsibility for this development, playing hot potato as to whom was in charge.

Then, without warning, the Minister for Planning in the dead of night rezoned the land, giving the go-ahead to the development without community consultation and taking away the appeal rights of the community. The latest calls that I made in this house for the Premier to meet with the community and become involved were referred to the new Minister for Energy and Resources; not surprisingly, in keeping with the form of his colleagues, the community has had neither sight nor sound of the minister. There has been no attempt to meet with them and address their concerns.

We know that behind closed doors the energy companies were working hand in hand with the government to push this development through, and the government has shown scant regard to any independent review of the proposal. I once again call on the Premier and ministers to meet with the community today and to listen to their concerns. The processes that sat behind this development is just as concerning as the unanswered questions that remain for residents.

Hansard, 2013