St Joseph’s Primary School, Brunswick West: centenary

I rise to congratulate St Joseph’s Primary School in Brunswick West on the centenary of the school and its vibrant and caring school community. I was delighted to attend two significant events this month to mark this important milestone, the first being a formal dinner dance for past and present students held on 14 October, which was followed the next day by a commemorative mass at St Joseph’s Church in Melville Road. The St Joseph’s parish community began in February 1911 with the construction of the church and school buildings. The current church was built in 1918. From this time the school grew rapidly, supporting a vibrant working-class community and reflecting the rich multicultural suburb in which it is located. It is from this strong and rich history that the heart and soul of this diverse and inclusive school community has flourished.

The school currently has an enrolment of approximately 280 students and receives really terrific support from the school board, parents and friends, fundraising and canteen staff. This all adds up to a community that just loves its school, which you can see on the faces of the parents and friends. The celebratory dinner was a huge success, with everyone done up to the nines. It was a great dance, and the commemorative mass was a very special occasion at which I was grateful to speak. I would like to place on the record the gratitude I know many in the community feel towards the teachers, parents and administrators of the school, particularly principal Genevieve Moss and Father Patrick Harvey for his much-loved and respected leadership.

Hansard, 2011