Violence prevention: Women’s Health in the North event

Ms GARRETT (Brunswick) — I was pleased to attend an important event organised by Women’s Health in the North (WHIN) on Monday, 6 May, alongside the federal member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson, and the mayor of the City of Moreland, Oscar Yildiz. This event was a major update on the progress of building a respectable community in the north and preventing violence against women, which has been an outstanding initiative instigated by WHIN and has the support of all relevant local councils, social service and health organisations in the northern region, all of which were represented at the most senior levels at this event on Monday.

These organisations signed a pledge of their ongoing support and commitment to preventing violence against women.

We heard from the CEO of WHIN about the achievements to date of the various organisations, including comprehensive education programs for young people, awareness campaigns for people from diverse communities and changes to industrial arrangements recognising the effects of violence on employees and colleagues. We heard that violence against women is prevalent in the north, serious and, most importantly, preventable if we all act together.

The major presentation of the day was from Dr Victor Sojo from the Centre for Ethical Leadership at Melbourne University. He gave a fascinating presentation about his substantial research into gender equality in businesses and government organisations. I would like to congratulate WHIN and Moreland City Council on this event.