Wind farms: government policy

 I have been contacted by many people in my electorate expressing their deep concern about the Baillieu government’s moves to impede the production of wind energy in this state. The measures announced by this government are more stringent and prohibitive than anything promised in the election campaign. They will cost jobs and billions of dollars in investment. This is yet another step, and a very significant one, in this government’s systematic and deliberate abandonment of any action on climate change, despite the many promises and commitments it made prior to the last election.

One of my concerned constituents put this plea directly in a letter to the Premier:

To note with growing alarm your changes to wind farm planning rules.
Not only will it —

impact —

… Victoria’s advance towards a clean energy future, but it will cost regional Australia a large number of desperately needed jobs. I urge you to reconsider your decision.

As we know, in order to transition to a clean energy future and have any chance of meeting the targets that this government signed up to last year, wind energy production needs to be supported and encouraged, not stifled and undermined. You need strong support from government and government policy.

This government has clearly failed this test and in doing so is failing our children and our grandchildren, and I might add that now it is in government it is failing to have the courage of its convictions and beliefs it held when it was in opposition. I join with my constituents in condemning the government’s short-term and cynical stance on this issue, and I call on it to support a clean energy future and clean energy jobs for our state.

Hansard, 2011